You are owed money

JM Partners reaches out to thousands of business and individuals each year, disclosing the details of accounts that identify them as the owners of unclaimed funds. These funds might be the result of old bankruptcy claims, legal settlements, old probate items, or even routine payments lost during a change of address. Often we find that parties have forgotten about their involvement in such events, or were completely unaware that payment had been attempted. Unclaimed funds such as these are typically held by a government entity, sitting dormant in an account at no interest - becoming less valuable with each passing day. If you received a letter from us, we encourage you to act quickly as we will offer you immediate cash today for your unclaimed account.

Unclaimed Creditor Funds

After legal proceedings have concluded, creditor payments often wind up in the Registry of Unclaimed Funds due to the trustee’s inability to deliver funds, through a change of address, name, or other impediment to delivery.

Unclaimed Debtor Refunds

At the end of a bankruptcy case, surplus funds are delivered by the trustee to the debtor, unless the debtor is unable to be located. In these cases, the funds are channeled into the Unclaimed Funds Registry.

Other Types of Unclaimed Funds

Old probate items and even routine payments frequently wind up in the Registry of Unclaimed Funds. Often, heirs or beneficiaries are completely unaware that they are the rightful recipients of funds released from probate.

The process of claiming funds can be very lengthy (taking several months, or up to a full year if there is difficulty in the paperwork or court processes) and often expensive, sometimes requiring legal representation that may actually cost more than the final payout.

We offer fast cash for your unclaimed funds.

At JM Partners, we offer immediate cash payment for the rights to your unclaimed funds. Once our purchase offer is accepted and you have been paid, we handle the rest - bearing all the time, cost and risk associated with recovery. While there are other entities that may seem to offer similar services, ours is the first and one of the only firms in America that pays cash in advance, not making you wait on a court to process any recovery documents. Our process also does not require you to sign a Power of Attorney - an action which is prudently to be avoided whenever possible. Without the time and legal fees associated with full funds recovery, many of our clients walk away with more cash in hand than with any other course of action.


Did you receive a letter from us? Do you believe you are the owner unclaimed funds? Contact us to discuss your case.

If, by chance, you prefer the longer route of an agent recovery with a Power of Attorney and waiting for the Court’s to release your money, JM Partners is willing to assist in that manner as well. Please inquire for pricing and details.