Debt Dilemma

Bankruptcy claims are a very tough commodity for most creditors to own. Between the time it takes to receive payment, and uncertainty of how much money you might receive for your claim (if any – be mindful that the vast majority of claims against a defunct party receive no distribution at all), there is no certain outcome. Additionally, attorney’s fees and other legal requirements may easily cost you far more than the claim recovery ultimately provides. Emotionally, the pain can be magnified by your need to focus on this problem, when it is one that you absolutely cannot control.

We offer fast cash for your claim

As one of the nation’s leading buyers of Bankruptcy Claims, JM Partners is prepared to purchase your claim immediately, freeing you from costly entanglement in the uncertain process, and providing you instant cash in hand. Once we close the purchase, we assume all risk and responsibility for the claim moving forward. You keep the purchase proceeds regardless of the outcome- even if JM Partners receives less than we paid for the claim, or nothing at all. In most cases, creditors are very likely to benefit more through a purchase agreement with JM Partners than through any other course of action.


Do you or your company own a Bankruptcy Claim, or have some other debt obligation owed to you that you’d like to turn into cash today? Contact us to discuss your case.