Your Partner in Liquidation

Since our founding in 2003, JM Partners has worked in virtually every Bankruptcy Court District in the United States, partnering with hundreds of trustees, and acting as buyer of assets held in bankruptcy cases. With the benefit of years of experience in court proceedings and purchase processes, we offer our patient, professional cooperation. At JM Partners, we are committed to reaching beneficial agreements with our trustee partners, while we work to build a strong, continuing relationship. There are quite a few trustees around the country with whom we have successfully closed multiple transactions, and we are glad to provide numerous references if you would like further background and more details about our firm and its capabilities.

While JM Partners deals frequently in bankruptcy purchases, we are not limited to these types of transactions. We also buy directly from individuals and businesses, including large and small banks and specialty lenders who may wish to reduce their REO properties, or even their note inventory. We specialize in commercial assets such as Real Estate Properties and Financial Instruments including notes, mortgages, and judgments. However, virtually all assets are of interest to JM Partners, and we also deal extensively in illiquid assets, helping to maximize your return for such secondary market assets as REITS and limited partnerships.


Are you the trustee in a bankruptcy case or the owner of a distressed asset? Contact JM Partners today to discuss our services.